Manchester United new kit for 2020/2021 season

Manchester United
Manchester United new kit for 2020/2021 season

Manchester United unveiled their new third shirt for the 2020-21 season and they’re sure to split their opinion.

Last season’s alternative shirt did not go down particularly well in the United fanbase, with the sand-coloured mosaic effect failing to capture the imagination of many, and the latest effort seems likely to attract mixed reviews as well.

Manchester United ‘s new white jersey puts a new spin on the zebra print, with the black lines extending diagonally and not vertically around the shirt.

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Those stripes are not the same shape or size all the way across the shirt either, which manufacturer Adidas says helps create a “disruptive” look.

The loud design, seemingly geared towards younger fans, might take a while to win over old-school supporters.


However, Adidas has confirmed the shirt will be accompanied by plain white shorts, which appears a wise move given the negative publicity that followed a recent leaked marketing image showing the striped effect across the entire strip.

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Fans hoping to go full ‘psychedelic zebra’ need not fret, however – those shorts and socks will be available to buy.

Adidas says the loud design is a homage to United’s history of striped kits, which began over 100 years ago and also featured on strips in the 1970s and 80s. In a nod to that past, the latest release includes a “110 years of stripes” tagline on the collar.

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