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Visit a nhà cái uy tín today to update good betting information for chung kết C1: Dortmund với Real Madrid. Fellow bettors, please consult experts analyzing this match to predict the results today!

Evaluate the performance of 2 teams before chung kết C1: Dortmund với Real Madrid

Both Dortmund and Real Madrid are two teams that have made a strong impression on the audience. Let’s analyze in detail the strength of these two clubs with nhà cái uy tín experts before the chung kết C1: Dortmund với Real Madrid.


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Returning to the C1 finals after a decade, Dortmund quickly made its own mark with strong performance. Although in the Bundesliga, the club has not yet reached the top after the first matches; However, coming to the Champions League playground, the German representative showed enthusiasm in competing for the championship throne.

Successfully overcoming the big team PSG was not just temporary luck but the result of the great efforts of Edin Terzić and his students. Dortmund won against the big team with a score of 2 – 0 and secured a place to participate in next season’s C1 Cup.

However, compared to their rival, the top club on the continent with a record of 14 championships, Dortmund is definitely weaker. The score difference between the two sides is quite large, and in terms of performance and achievements, the German team has no chance of winning. However, with what they showed in the match against PSG, anything can happen. Dortmund fans still have the right to hope for a miracle for the club.

Real Madrid

The Spanish team is still playing very well and the deeper they go, the stronger this club becomes. A typical example is that with just the last minutes of the second half and overtime, the Los Blancos team overturned a seemingly irreversible situation. Defeating Bayern Munich, Real Madrid has the right to dream of winning the next championship.

Ancelotti’s students will face Dortmund in the upcoming final and this could be the Spanish team’s advantage. Compared to an opponent who has not appeared in the C1 Cup final for a long time, Real Madrid has a huge advantage. Furthermore, the top team’s performance is always highly appreciated while their opponents’ performance is not really stable. Certainly, Los Blancos fans are dreaming of the team’s victory in early June.

History of confrontation between Dortmund and Real Madrid

Dortmund vs Real Madrid in the past
Dortmund vs Real Madrid in the past

According to information that reputable bookmaker Fashion learned, the two candidates to win the C1 Cup have faced off many times in the past. Therefore, the Chung kết C1: Dortmund vs Real Madrid will definitely bring many emotions to fans.

In 2013, a decade ago, under the guidance of talented captain Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid was a powerful team when the team had the presence of CR7. But even at their peak, the Spanish team still had to lose to Dortmund – a weaker team.

One year later in 2014, Real Madrid continued to face Dortmund and despite being under great pressure to play, the Spanish team was able to take revenge with a 3 – 0 victory. There are also many events for between Real Madrid and Dortmund and in a total of 14 encounters, Los Blancos had 6 wins and only lost 3 matches. 

Nhà cái uy tín odds: Dortmund vs Real Madrid

Let’s join experts from reputable bookmakers in betting and predicting the results for this year’s C1 Cup final between the Spanish team and the German representative.

Over/Under Betting

Los Blancos has a strong attack and scored a series of goals in recent matches. Ancelotti’s teachers and students have successfully achieved huge scores and the scoring ability of the main strikers has shown no signs of decreasing. Up to the last 5 matches, they have had 11 goals and in La Liga, Real Madrid has hit the opponent’s net 74 times after 34 rounds.

On the other side of the front line, Dortmund also had 64 goals after 32 rounds in the Bundesliga and their attack also played quite impressively. Therefore, experts confirm that there will be many goals in this year’s C1 final, and the Over/Under ratio is predicted to be 2.5 and 3.0. With this bet, bettors should choose Over because it has a higher chance of winning.

Asian Handicap

Betting for chung kết C1: Dortmund với Real Madrid
Betting for chung kết C1: Dortmund với Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the favorite team because they have won the C1 Cup 14 times. Furthermore, this team also has 21 unbeaten matches and consecutive wins after 15 matches. Comparing performance and achievements, the Spanish team is still rated much higher than Die Borussen. For this match, the bookmaker’s expert gives +0.5/1 and you should choose Dortmund Full Time when betting online.

Predict the score

Final result prediction: Dortmund 1 – 3 Real Madrid

Based on the above prediction, bettors can go to a nhà cái uy tín to bet on the chung kết C1: Dortmund với Real Madrid. You can refer to many online betting tips on the website to bet online effectively for this exciting match.

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