SHBET – Partner of prestigious entertainment group OKVIP

SHBET is probably no longer a strange name for those who regularly participate in online entertainment. Not only are they famous for the quality of their games, but their services and volunteer activities also leave a strong mark in the hearts of fans. Let’s learn in detail about SHBET’s orientation and new projects in today’s article.

Some introduction about SHBET unit

SHBET is an online entertainment company, specializing in designing and producing on-demand games from famous platforms such as OKVIP, NEW88,… The unit chose the Philippines as its main development market, but quickly pushed strongly to other regions in the world such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia,…

Each company location has a legal representative office to optimize the services it can bring to partners. Recently, they have just confirmed to become an alliance partner of entertainment game site OKVIP – one of the quite famous units in the online entertainment market.

This group officially launched on the market in 2007. Up to now, they only have more than 5 years of experience in this field but their achievements have made countless giants in the industry “extremely jealous”. eye”.

Not only famous for the quality and service it brings, the name SHBET also “super pleases” many gamers because of its clear development orientation and countless “hunger and cold relief” projects to support community development. own coin.

Some introduction to the SHBET entertainment platform
Some introduction to the SHBET entertainment platform

Personal development goals in the near future

As we have shared, SHBET’s development orientation is one of the factors that makes fans extremely impressed. So what has allowed this company to go so far in such a short time? Right below is the future direction of this platform for self-development.

Self-development goes hand in hand with society

The first thing that impresses us about SHBET’s strategy is that they not only want to develop themselves but also want to improve the quality of social security. This unit always deducts 10% of profits to carry out campaigns for its community.

This also means that everyone who supports the unit’s games is also contributing to supporting unfortunate situations in life. We firmly believe that there are few platforms available today that can do this. So, let’s join hands with SHBET to improve social security in the Vietnamese market.

Personal development combined with social security
Personal development combined with social security

Future direction of the online entertainment industry

In addition to upgrading its own quality, this platform also hopes to contribute somewhat to the development of the online entertainment industry. Because of this goal, the brand always puts its “heart” into researching and applying new technology.

Acting as a content creator, all of the unit’s games are upgraded and improved over time. The group’s team are all engineers with high expertise, ensuring the needs of players and partners.

Before launch, each game goes through many stages of censorship in terms of content, quality and information security for customers. Therefore, everyone can feel completely secure when experiencing the games of this platform.

Upgrade SHBET quality and brand

This unit always puts user experience first. Therefore, they always focus on putting product quality as the focus to develop their own brand.


Not only is content built in a completely new direction, but images and sounds are also invested in applying new technology, to enhance user experience. This is clearly shown by the fact that they spend time researching each market, finding user preferences and desires, and producing products suitable for each area.

With just that evidence, you can already feel the actual quality of the unit, right? Therefore, we can be confident that when using this group’s products, people will be completely satisfied with what they receive compared to the time and effort spent.

Research and upgrade game quality
Research and upgrade game quality

Check out SHBET’s outstanding volunteer activities in 2023

SHBET is loved and appreciated by many people for bringing meaningful volunteer activities. Let’s take a look at some of this brand’s volunteer activities during the past time.

SHBET pays tribute to the soldiers on the occasion of September 2nd holiday

On August 27, the unit visited elderly people who contributed to the revolution in Thanh Tung commune, Hai Duong province to give gifts. The company talked, asked about their health, then gave some gifts to improve the health of the soldiers, including: ginseng, cakes, bird’s nest and some cash.

Besides, to express their respect, the unit offered incense to the soldiers at the Martyrs’ cemetery in Thanh Tung commune. For the elderly who did not come directly to the conference hall, the group went to each house and asked about their health, encouraged them, and gave them gifts.

Through this activity, SHBET has affirmed its moral spirit of “when drinking water, remember its source”. Those who contributed to the revolution have sacrificed themselves to protect the Fatherland and have had a peaceful day like today. Surely this will be a meaningful volunteer activity that brings a lot of joy to the soldiers to welcome September 2.

The unit gives gifts to soldiers and women who have contributed to the revolution
The unit gives gifts to soldiers and women who have contributed to the revolution

SHBET builds solid schools for poor children

People often say that children are the preschool of the country, so learning is really important. Understanding this, the group has cooperated with OKVIP and built more schools in the highlands of Vietnam.

All of these projects are fully equipped with facilities, tables and chairs and are very solidly built. Thanks to that, children will get closer to “literacy” and have the best development environment.

Besides, this is not only a simple school but also a shelter during the rainy season. Some highland areas often have many natural disasters, but households often have no place to take shelter. Therefore, the school construction project is a meaningful volunteer activity that helps many people stay safe and children have a better educational environment.

Support difficult circumstances, patients and pregnant women

In order to help difficult situations, the unit also joined hands to build a charity fund in cooperation with OKVIP group. This money will be donated to charity to support pregnant single mothers and those in difficult circumstances. In addition, the group also deducts a portion of revenue to support natural disaster victims, support tree planting projects…

The group is giving gifts to patients in difficult circumstances
The group is giving gifts to patients in difficult circumstances

SHBET is truly a corporation providing the most prestigious and quality entertainment services today. Not only that, but the unit also cooperates with OKVIP to organize many meaningful volunteer activities. Surely in the future, the group will develop further and bring more human values to everyone.

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