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Online soccer betting with keonhacai every day is an entertaining way to make money that many bettors are doing. Those of you who are excited about online betting to check the kèo nhà cái, remember to update information on good bets and the most accurate betting tips. With these tips, bettors are guaranteed to be successful when entering the bookmaker and earn a lot of bonuses. Please watch now to pick up good tips and apply them every day.

The concept of kèo nhà cái

Kèo bóng đá
Kèo bóng đá

Kèo nhà cái is the bet that the house offers for matches based on which players will bet. Keonhacai is not only for football but also applies to basketball, badminton, baseball matches, etc. However, soccer bets are still the most numerous and diverse with thousands of matches continuously updated all year round. Therefore, if you want to bet, you can go to the house’s website at any time to participate.

Tournaments have many hot kèo nhà cái

There are many sports tournaments organized, but not all tournaments have many bets. Normally, it must be a big prize or an outstanding prize to have continuous bets for players to participate in. In football, badminton,… there are attractive prizes, you can update the list of good prizes to check the keonhacai right away.


With football, because it is the most attractive sport in the world, it is understandable and natural that many football tournaments attract many people. And below are the names of major soccer tournaments with hundreds of attractive bets for bettors:

  • Euro Cup: only held every 4 years and is a good tournament in Europe, extremely attractive.
  • Premier League: organized for clubs in England but extremely attractive to world fans.
  • C1 Cup: a good football tournament that only applies to the European region, gathering the strongest clubs with many good players.
  • World Cup: a tournament organized only once every 4 years by FIFA and where national teams compete.
  • Serie A: football championship for clubs in Italy with participating teams with a long football history.
  • Bundesliga: senior football league for clubs in Germany.
  • La Liga: prestigious soccer tournament in Spain, where Real Madrid/Barcelona strikers compete.



Basketball is popular in the US and Europe and is gradually developing in Asia. You can join Kèo nhà cái to bet on good basketball tournaments such as:

  • NBA: American basketball tournament – the best basketball tournament and has the greatest attraction to world media.
  • EuroLeague: basketball tournament with many famous clubs in Europe.
  • FIBA World Cup: international men’s basketball tournament with many clubs from participating countries.


As a subject loved by both teenagers, young adults and the elderly, badminton has become a sport with many annual tournaments. Participating in badminton betting, you can immediately bet on major tournaments around the world including:

  • Badminton World Championship: tournament organized by BWF once a year and brings together many good athletes:
  • Thomas Cup: extremely famous badminton tournament for men.
  • Uber Cup: international badminton tournament organized for women.
  • Asian Championship: famous badminton tournament for teams in Asia.


Golf with regularly organized tournaments also often participates in keonhacai. With a series of attractive odds deployed, bettors can fully enjoy betting and entertainment in each season. If you want to bet on golf, there are bookies for tournaments such as:

  • US Open: the pinnacle golf tournament held in the US and is an extremely famous major tournament
  • The Masters Tournament: this is the most prestigious and classy golf tournament for golfers in the world
  • The Open Championship: a long-standing tournament and a Major tournament often held in England.
  • PGA Championship: a golf tournament in the US with millions of dollars in prize money.

List of the best bets at keonhacai for you to bet on

If you want to bet online, you must first clearly understand the kèo nhà cái. There are many bets offered, and you must understand what this bet is and how to read it when betting. Below is the betting information along with an example, bettors should read it for reference.

European odds

European odds at keonhacai
European odds at keonhacai

1×2 or European odds are bets with 3 results for players to choose from: home wins / away team wins / 2 teams draw. Players will not need to choose the score or number of goals, but will only predict a draw or which team will be the winner.

For example: England and Germany compete and England is the home team, then the results are denoted as follows:

  • 1: England wins
  • x: England and Germany draw
  • 2: German team wins

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap – Asian handicap requires players to predict the win or loss results based on the specific number of handicap goals that the strong team will have to handicap the weak team. For example, the bookmaker thinks that England is stronger than Germany, and England will handicap Germany by 1 goal. If the two teams have a score of 1 – 1, betting on England will lose money, choosing to bet on Germany will win money.

Over/Under Betting

Betting on the number of goals, you should choose the Over/Under bet to participate. When playing, bettors watch the house give the number X and if they choose to bet more than X goals, bet on Over, if there are fewer goals than

For example: England plays against Germany, the total number of goals the house predicts is 2, if there are 3 goals then the Over bet wins, if there is 1 goal then the Under bet wins.


There are many good kèo nhà cái at keonhacai – the hottest betting website currently. Please come to bet to enjoy the fun and join the house every day to earn more bonuses.


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