Nguyen Vy – CEO of 789Bet Bookmaker

When mentioning the reputable and quality bookmaker 789bet – people will immediately think of the achievements that this website brings. That is a treasure trove of game series with all genres such as: fish shooting for prizes, cockfighting, baccarat, poker, poker, esport, slots, lottery… It is an entertainment playground, a money-making betting spot for the community. gaming brothers.

And the author of that success and fame is none other than Nguyen Vy – CEO and founder of 789bet. He is the “captain” who has contributed significantly to helping 789Bet’s name stand firm and grow in the market. Let’s find out details through this article!

Who is Nguyen Vy?

If you are an online bettor, passionate about betting and love to learn about this market in Asia, you will know the talented CEO in creating an extremely successful and reputable bookmaker in the market – CEO Nguyen Vy.

CEO Nguyen Vy

  • Full name: Nguyen Vy.
  • Date of birth: May 1, 1990.
  • Phone: 0989668668.
  • Address: District 9, Thu Duc City.
  • Education: Master of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.
  • Contact email: [email protected]

Biography of founder Nguyen Vy

Nguyen Vy was born in 1980, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in IT from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Nguyen Vy – this young man has had an early affinity with the technology market since he was still sitting in a lecture hall. During those university years, Nguyen Vy not only learned how to play but also tinkered to draw conclusions like this. many other betting lovers.

However, it doesn’t stop at bets. Nguyen Vyhad the advantage of being an information technology student and had been exposed to many reward games and online betting, and combined with his IT knowledge, he started a career in this industry.

Very early, during his student years, he gained a lot of experience about how betting works and what the odds were when he experienced the games. It is these experiences that have helped him win many prizes in different Jackpot games such as Jackpot, Slot game,…

As for the field of soccer betting, it is too simple, the support tools he wrote are very helpful in predicting bookmaker odds.

The amount of money earned with soccer betting is enough to live a good, healthy life, the numbers that every gambler desires.

CEO Nguyen Vy’s journey to build 789BET

Nguyen Vy is originally an information technology person, he specializes in creating online betting and lottery software for major bookmakers from Asia.


CEO Nguyen Vy’s journey to build 789BET

However, realizing that the market has too many negative points, it has a great impact on the player community and the overall development of the gambling industry.

Since then, CEO Nguyen Vy and his teammates combined with big tycoons from Europe and Asia to establish the bookmaker 789Bet today.

The IT guy has applied a lot of knowledge learned in school and more than 4 years of experience in the profession to develop a modern, quality playground for bettors. The proof is that more than 2,000 players register to join 789bet every month.

This CEO always clearly states his working motto “dedicated – professional”. He always takes customer satisfaction as the principle of service.

Currently, you can see betting players everywhere in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,… CEO Nguyen Vy’s goal is to expand the market because in addition to the goal of becoming a force, new in this smokeless industry worth trillions of billions.

Bookmaker 789Bet always strives and strives to please customers with the aim of creating an online betting playground with the mission of taking service, products and reputation as the main priority, growing up with satisfaction. of customers, not tricks to defraud, to appropriate assets and increase the house’s revenue.

Nguyen Vy is a CEO with heart and vision. He always encourages, shares, and understands employees so they can work confidently and with peace of mind. Therefore, you can see a strong, professional and dedicated customer care team that is always supporting 24/7.

How reputable is 789Bet in the Asian betting market?

Bookmaker 789Bet is a very famous name that probably no betting enthusiast knows. The bookmaker was founded and developed by Asia’s No. 1 entertainment group, licensed and certified by Costa Rica.

Bookmaker 789Bet is currently operating in the Asia and Pacific regions as we mentioned.

Aiming to create a diverse and potential playground, the house has brought players a diverse and rich game world in genres such as lottery, soccer betting, casino,…

In addition, the house has a team of experienced and friendly staff, if you have any questions, the team and dedicated staff are ready to answer you anytime, anywhere.

789bet – Reputable Online Betting House

Currently, 789Bet supports players from many different platforms such as web, mobile and app.

Smart design optimized for all devices with modern graphics and a friendly, easy-to-use interface.

Players coming to the 789Bet betting playground will definitely experience the best entertainment and unforgettable experiences.


So, through the article you can know who tác giả 789bet Nguyen Vy is, and how wonderful his process of building a bookmaker from scratch in the Asian market is. If you are a smart bettor, don’t forget to choose a reputable bookmaker like 789Bet to play. Good luck.

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